Temporary Membership

Temporary Membership

Not a DAN Southern Africa member?

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Individual Temp. Application video tutorial

Group Temp. Application video tutorial

Temporary Membership provides peace of mind for you whilst on an international dive trip outside your country of residence within the Southern Africa region only.  Please take out full annual membership if you are planning a trip to the Red Sea or any country outside of the Southern African region.

Sign up for per day temporary membership

It is important that you familiarise yourself with the DAN Membership Terms and Conditions: Membership Information and T&Cs.

Your application will be processed once all required forms are received by Divers Alert Network Southern Africa.

Your application will take up to 48 hrs to process.

Your application will be processed during normal business hours 08:00 to 16:00 Monday to Friday.

Note: The forms to download are under the 'Attachments' tab

Freediver or Spear Fisherman?

Freedivers and spear fisherman who are not a DAN Southern Africa Member have access to the temporary dive cover benefits too.

This is limited to recreational freedivers and spear fisherman and  not competitive freedivers or spear fisherman.

DAN Membership Temporary Package

DAN Membership Temporary Package

Temporary Membership Individual ApplicationsDownload and complete the Temporary Membership Applicati..

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