Standard "Pin Index" DAN Dual Oxygen Unit (with empty cylinders)



This standard DAN Oxygen unit is specially developed to treat injured divers and includes a 2,5 liter Pin Index Oxygen cylinder.

The unit delivers:

  • 100% oxygen using the demand valve
  • about 75% when using the non-rebreather mask and
  • about 50% when using an oronasal resuscitation mask.

This unit can provide oxygen to 2 divers simultaneously and has the option to connect an extra demand valve making it possible to deliver oxygen to 3 divers or to 2 divers using the demand system only. The demand valve is the preferred oxygen delivery system as it provides the highest concentration of oxygen and no oxygen is wasted.

The Pin Index system is the most common oxygen cylinder valve system available worldwide for small cylinders. Check if this valve is available in your country. If in doubt contact us for advice


Internal: 480mm x 360mm x 198mm
External: 550mm x 420mm x 215mm

Included Items:

  • Waterproof "DAN Oxygen Unit" case (for a 43cm cylinder)
  • 1 of Oxygen on Board Sticker
  • 2 of Pin Index Medical Oxygen cylinder (empty)
  • 1 of DAN Demand valve with white hose
  • 1 of DAN Oronasal Resuscitation Mask
  • 1 of Tru-Fit Mask
  • 1 of Pin Index Multifunction Regulator DEHAS (CE Version)
  • 1 of Non-Rebreather Mask

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DAN Dual Oxygen Unit

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  • Ex Tax:ZAR 19,392.17

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