DAN 02 Flight Case (Case Only)

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High quality, waterproof, green HPRC case with DAN logo and "Oxygen Unit" printed on the lid.

Colour: GREEN

This case, with automatic pressure adjustment valve, offers the best protection for your oxygen materials. Comes with 2 foldable handles (one on top and one at the bottom), o-ring, 4 heavy duty latches and a plug foam insert. It is possible to carry up to two 53 cm cylinders (or one 67 cm cylinder if placed diagonally).

Internal volume: 52 litres


Internal: 550 x 460mm x 205mm

External: 590mm x 525mm x 225mm


ATA 300



DS 81-41

Temperature rating: -40°C / +80°C

Ultralight. Watertight. Smart Cases

HPRC cases can be used for all sorts of applications and different areas: photography, medical, military, nautical, police and many others. HPRC provide total protection to the equipment inside them against dust, water, impacts and corrosion for chemical agents.

The HPRC cases are produced in a special compound of plastic resin (TTX01 ®): these products are characterized by exceptional resistance to shock, corrosive substances, water, dust and weather in general. These any emergency situation in extreme climatic conditions.

Due to the cases water tightness HPRC allows products like bandages and patches last longer. Many first aid kits are carried or stowed in HPRC cases. Defibrillators, medical instruments and sterilized bags are increasingly being transported. Therefore a useful tool to service rescuers and professionals ready for any kind of eventuality and environmental situation.

HPRC cases became also affirmed in the nautical and diving sector, for the protection against saltiness, sand, hits and bumps and generally all the extreme conditions; the buoyancy of the case makes them a valid transport system to reduce the risks of sinking in case of fall in water.

HPRC cases are endowed with an automatic valve - realized with a special Hydrophobic Acrylic material - that allows the exchange of the air among inside and outside (to avoid depressions that would prevent the opening), however preventing the entry of sand and dust.