DAN Otoscope

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DAN New Otoscope

The otoscope is a versatile pocket examination light designed for ear, nasal and oral examinations. Easy to use, its state-of-the-art technology provides superior illumination and durability. The DAN otoscope includes a Pelican Super MityLite®. The light is sealed, waterproof and impervious to most chemicals. This makes it ideal for a first aid kit that is subjected to marine environments. Inside the light there are special internal catalyst pellets to help absorb hydrogen gas that batteries may emit. These gases would normally escape but the manufacturer takes this extra precaution since the light is completely sealed. 

The light itself is fitted with a parabolic reflector and a pre-focused lamp to direct light where you need it.

Important! DAN recommends that you receive proper training in the use of an otoscope before attempting to perform the ear examination. The placement of foreign objects, including medical instruments, in the ear canal by an untrained person can result in significant and permanent injury.

The final diagnosis and treatment of injuries or illnesses of the ear should always be performed by and prescribed by a qualified physician.